Thesis advisor or adviser. Graduate School Adviser vs. Mentor: What's the Difference?

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  1. Adviser | Definition of Adviser by Merriam-Webster
  2. I found that working in a small, remote village with people of a different culture to me could be quite lonely at times.
  3. In some countries, the student's advisor serves as the chair of the doctoral examination or dissertation committees.
  4. A Mentor's Many Hats A mentor facilitates your growth and development: She becomes a trusted ally and guides you through the graduate and postdoctoral years.

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What matters in a Ph.D. adviser? Here’s what the research says | Science | AAAS Dericks and his colleagues homed in on the importance of adviser supportiveness by surveying Ph.

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The PhD journey: how to choose a good supervisor | New Scientist

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Advisor vs Adviser Usage Examples:

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An academic genealogy may be traced based on student's doctoral advisors, going up and down the lines of academic "descent" in a manner analogous to a traditional genealogy. The mentor aids the student in scientific instruction, but perhaps more importantly, socializes the student to the norms of the scientific community.

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