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Take the first step in developing an amazing relationship with your next event management company! Whether it’s through the Proposal page, by email, or by phone, Candace Jolee Events is ready to help you with your next event. Our knowledge team will introduce ourselves and schedule your first consultation meeting with Your Candace Jolee Events will be online.

Initial Consultation

We believe in talking face to face, even if just virtually. When you’re spending thousands of dollars on your event management, production, and technology, we want you to get to know us and feel how much we truly care about you, your goals, and your event. In your initial consultation, we will discuss your goals, budget, event specifics, and ask questions to help us determine how we can develop the “equation” to creating your best event yet. You’ll also get a chance to ask us questions, and begin developing a relationship with the team members you will be working with in the months leading up to, and after your event.

Strategy, Design, and Proposal

At Candace Jolee Events, we strive to have the most accurate Proposals and scope of work for all aspects of your event. Our attention to detail and open communication foster a relationship build upon trust, knowledge, and transparency. It is important to us that the Proposal you receive before the event is identical to the invoice you receive after the event. During the Strategy, Design, and Proposal phase, we will be providing you with mock-ups, designs, and any other relevant materials in order for you to visualize your event.


Events are living, breathing things. If the schedule and content changes, you will undoubtedly need to make an update or two. Not a problem! Using our cloud-based Proposal building system, we can make adjustments in real time and quickly deliver an updated Proposal. Everything is tracked in our project management software, and will tie into all of project management systems, ensuring no matter the amount changes made, nothing will be forgotten!


You chose Candace Jolee Events as your event partner and the finalization period is when our Event Einsteins take care of the details! Feel relief in a moment of calm as you trust Candace Jolee Events to finalize all of the tiny details necessary to make your event stellar. We will work directly with your team, talent such as speakers and entertainers, venues, vendors, and all involved parties, streamlining communication and efficiency. By the day of the big event, everything will be set and ready, double and triple checked, with our fantastic support team standing by to assist in case of emergency.

The Event

The day finally arrives! Your Candace Jolee Events will be online to make sure you are ready to go and you are happy. Then when day arrives, we will have already assembled all of the technologies into the awesome event we had been working on through the entire process. During the entire event, you will have ONE point of contact on-site the whole time to quickly answer questions and serve you, whether it’s a last minute content addition or a spur of the moment idea. We’ll be ready to help.

Post-Event Support and Follow-Up

The event may be over but our work is not done! The post-event follow-up meeting is an incredible resource where we will review event metrics, discuss attendee satisfaction, and review the event in a 360-degree debrief meeting. It is so important to Candace Jolee Events to not just deliver a fantastic event, but also to deliver data that empowers your next event to be even better. We live by our core values, and Learn and Grow is essential to how we conduct business. We welcome your feedback about our entire event planning and management process, with the hope that we will only continue to strengthen our relationship in future projects.

The Candace Jolee Events Guarantee:

Our Commitment to Serving You.

We are constantly listening to our customers and they communicate how stressful the event planning process is. We make this commitment to you; Candace Jolee Events is here to make things as efficient and streamlined as possible. We will create the equation for you. Let us show you how we do so.

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